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The Green party is a British political party (now three separate parties, for England and Wales, Scotland[1] and Northern Ireland respectively).

It was formed in 1973 as "PEOPLE" and changed its name to "The Ecology Party" in 1975 and to "The Green party" in 1985. The Scottish and Northern Ireland sections became separate parties in 1990.

The Greens had two MEPs from 1999 and gained their first MP (for Brighton Pavilion) in 2010.

There is an LGBT group, LGBTIQ Greens. The party's position on transgender rights has led to the expelling and suspension of a number of members who has raised issues about the clash of women's rights with trans rights. For example, Alison Teal, Green Party prospective parliamentary candidate for Sheffield Central [2].

Notable LGBT supporters of the party include Peter Tatchell, Darren Johnson and Nigel Tart.

In February 2022, former Deputy Leader Shahrar Ali launched legal action against the Green Party alleging discrimination of his gender critical belief under the 2010 Equality Act [3]. In February 2024 the court declared that the Green Party had discriminated against Shahrar Ali and he was awarded £9,100 in damages [4].

The Green Party ‘Pride’ group was giving away stickers on its stall in the foyer of the party’s annual conference in Brighton on in October 2023, in the ‘trans rights’ stripes of baby-blue and baby-pink and bore the legend, ‘Authoritarian Group think Cancel Culture Appreciation Society’.

An alternative forum for gender critical expelled Green Party supporters was functioning in 2024 [5].


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