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quiet shopping street, and church with large spire
Solihull High Street 2005
Solihull is a town in the West Midlands and centre of the metropolitan borough and former county borough of the same name.

LGBT history

The novelist John Hampson lived in Dorridge, a village in Solihull.

Peter Burman was born in Solihull in 1944.

In 2010, Birmingham LGBT Community Trust commissioned a consultation with Solihull's LGBT community.[1]

Also in 2010, "Out in Public", a sub-regional LGBT Equality Seminar was held in Warwick, arranged jointly by the LGBT employee networks of Coventry, Warwickshire and Solihull.[2]

Pride in our Past is a project organised by Solihull Council to discover and record the LGBT experience of life in the borough, in both the recent and historical past.[3] The project organised an exhibition in Solihull Central Library & Arts Complex for LGBT History Month, February 2013.[4]

GaySol is a council-sponsored website for young LGBT people.[5]

Solihull Outpost is a local LGBT social group[6]

The LGBT Consortium at one time listed a Solihull LGBT Network.[7]


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