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Philip Cox (1956-1992) was a socio-political activist for young gay people in London during the 1970s and 80’s. He helped establish the London Gay Teenage Group and broadcast on pirate radio Gaywaves.

Islington Pride plaque to Phil Cox outside the flats where he lived in Bath Street, London (June 2021). Photo courtesy Sean McGovern and Islington Pride.

Philip was born 3 October 1956 in Stratford upon Avon. He left his home in Chipping Norton in his late teens and moved to London. He lived at 99 Godfrey House, Bath Street. He researched the concept of the London Gay Teenage Group (LGTG) with his then flat-mate Paul Welch at their council flat high up in the tower block in Bath Street, EC1. Philip trained and eventually became a qualified Gay Switchboard Member in 1977. Philip was a member of Campaign for Homosexual Equality, but struggled to get their support for the LGTG, as they feared legal reprisal supporting an under 21 group. Philip left the London Gay Teenage Group early in 1977, requesting that a ballot be held of nominations for a youth collective to be formed to oversee the group. He encouraged Steven Power to seek nomination. Steven Power then became the 1st Young Chairperson of LGTG.

Philip broadcast on Gaywaves, a pirate radio broadcast on the Our Radio station in London, broadcasting in the early 1980s on 103.7 F.M. [1].

Philip died on 4 September 1992 in Hammersmith Hospital (cause of death Lymphoma). He was cremated in London. His ashes were buried in a family plot in Burton Dassett church.

In 2021 Islington Council Pride project erected a plaque at Godfrey House to mark Phil Cox's life there.


[1] Tribute to Phillip Cox by LGTG Member Gary James

  1. The British Library hold some recordings of Gaywaves broadcasts