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Paul Burston
Paul Burston (born 1965) is a gay author and edited TimeOut magazine's lesbian and gay - later LGBT - pages for many years.

Life and works

Paul Burston was born in York, raised in South Wales and now lives in London. His books include the critically-acclaimed novels Shameless (shortlisted for the State of Britain Award 2001, reprinted 2009), Star People (2006, reprinted 2009, 2010), Lovers and Losers (shortlisted for the Stonewall Award 2007, reprinted twice in 2009) and The Gay Divorcee (2009, reprinted 2009 and 2010). He also edited two short story collections, Boys and Girls (2010) and Men and Women (2011).

Paul Burston is also a curator at the London Literature Festival and host of the Polari literary salon, both at the Southbank Centre.

In 2011, he founded The Polari First Book Prize to encourage and celebrate new writing by LGBT authors.

His hobbies include diving and DJing.


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Awards and recognition

In 2012, he was shortlisted as Journalist of the Year at the Stonewall Awards.

Paul Burston was ranked 89 on the Independent on Sunday’s Pink List 2011, 24 on the Pride Power List 2011, 79 on the World Pride Power List 2012 and 74 on the World Pride Power List 2013.

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