Jill Knight

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Jill Knight
Jill Knight (Joan Christabel Jill Knight, Baroness Knight of Collingtree, née Christie; born 1923) is a Conservative politician.

She was MP for Birmingham Edgbaston from 1966 to 1997. She was made a Dame in 1985, and a life peer in 1997.

She was largely responsible for introducing the Section 28 amendment to the Local Government Act 1988, which barred local authorities from promoting homosexuality.[1] She was also an opponent of abortion, and supported successive attempts to reduce the period during which the operation could be legally performed.

In June 2013, she opposed same-sex marriage, arguing that Parliament cannot change the fact that "marriage is not about just love. It is about a man and a woman, themselves created to produce children, producing children. A man can no more bear a child, than a woman can produce sperm, and no law on earth can change that. This is not a homophobic view. It may be sad, it may be unequal, but it's true."[2]


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