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Crocus logo
Crocus, originally called "the Croydon LGBT Network", was an umbrella organisation in Croydon, South London, set up to bring the various existing local LGBT organisations together and act as a voice for LGBT people in the Borough.

Crocus was initiated in 2007 by Croydon Voluntary Action (CVA), supported by:

Crocus was formally launched on 12 May 2008 at an event in Croydon Town Hall.[1]

Crocus to some extent took over the role that had previously been filled by the Croydon LGBT Forum.

Crocus organised a number of events, including a Croydon LGBT Conference on 22 February 2012,[2] but appears to have ceased operatingn shortly after that date, although no formal announcement to this effect was ever made. By May 2013 the website (not updated for many months) had become unavailable.[3]

Crocus was formally wound up in 2015.

Crocus 18-30

Crocus promoted a group for younger people, called Crocus 18-30.


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