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Bournemouth Pier
Bournemouth is a seaside town in Dorset (in Hampshire until 1974). It has perhaps a more "genteel" atmospher than some other seaside resorts, and the many pine trees, planted when the town was being developed in the 19th century, give it a salubrious atmosphere. Bournemouth had its own unitary authority until 2019, when it became part of Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole.

LGBT history

There was a Bournemouth CHE Group. In 1981 a group called Orbit was established [1].

Bournemouth has long had an active gay scene, with a number of gay pubs and clubs centred round The Triangle. Wikipedia referred at one time to "the Bondi (the South's only exclusively GLBT Hotel)".[2] But there certainly are and have been other LGBT hotels and guesthouses in the town itself, including St Michael's Guest House in the 1970s and 80s and the men-only Hamilton Hall at the present day.

Over the Rainbow, supported by the NHS, offers advice, support and information for the LGBT community.

Silver Moments is a group for older LGBT people, run by Over The Rainbow, and there is a coffee morning for older gay men every Wednesday at Hamilton Hall.

Bournemouth's annual pride festival, celebrated since 2004, is Bourne Free.[3]

Gay Bournemouth is a local website published by Bournemouth Publishing Ltd.[4]

There are two gay saunas, Bournemouth Spa in Westbourne, and Saunabar near The Triangle.


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