Croydon Pride (1993)

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This article is about the festival in Croydon in 1993. For the website associated with Croydon LGBT Forum, see Croydon Pride (website)

Croydon Pride was a festiival held in Croydon in June 1993.[1] It included events at:

Buses were laid on to take people to London Pride (the Pride Parade in central London and then the Pride Festival in Brockwell Park).

The Croydon Pride brochure listed seven participating groups:

The following year Croydon Pride was dissolved through lack of support, but the CAGS banner continued to be carried in the Pride Parade.

In 2013 there was a report in the local paper that a New Addington resident, Michael Castle (not gay) was proposing a Croydon Pride to be held in 2014, but nothing came of this.[2]

A Croydon PrideFest is being planned for August 2016.[3]


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