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Front cover of the book
Out of the Shadows is a history of the pioneering London gay groups and organisations, 1967–2000, edited by Tony Walton, with a foreword by Michael Cashman MEP. It is published by Bona Street Press. ISBN 978-0-9566091-0-6. 250 pages, 74 illustrations.

The book was formally launched at the Annual Conference of the Campaign for Homosexual Equality (CHE), 4 July 2010. CHE held a reunion for everyone concerned with the book in November 2010.

In the months following publication, readers pointed out some errors and omissions. These were listed on the website, and incorporated in the 2011 reprint.


There are separate chapters for particular groups around London and particular Boroughs. The chapters are arranged in chronological order, as follows:

  1. The St Katharine's Group (SK)
  2. London Gay Liberation Front (GLF)
  3. CHE in London
  4. The London Monday Group
  5. The Marypad Group
  6. The Croydon Group
  7. Annual Events in London (Pride, CHE Winter Fairs)
  8. Harrow Group
  9. Jewish Groups
  10. Wandsworth-Richmond CHE
  11. London Friend
  12. The Lewisham Groups
  13. A Miscellany, including:
  14. The Streatham Group
  15. Icebreakers
  16. Quest
  17. WAGS (Wimbledon Area Gay Society)
  18. Metropolitan Community Church, London
  19. Gay Teachers and Schools OUT
  20. The Transport Group
  21. Bexley and Bromley Gay Group
  22. CHE Youth Group
  23. The Southwark-Lambeth Group
  24. The Kingston Group
  25. 3F (LGCM London) with a section on the London Lesbian & Gay Centre in Cowcross Street
  26. GALHA (Gay & Lesbian Humanist Association) London
  28. Courage UK
  29. The Barnet Group

External links

Official website: http://www.slago.org.uk/oots.htm

List of changes in the reprint: http://www.slago.org.uk/oots-changes.htm