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Long Yang Club London LYC was the original chapter of what has since become a worldwide organisation. Founded in 1983 it continues to bring people together from both ‘east’ and ‘west’. LYC is a gay multi-cultural sports and social club.

The club is named after "Lord Long Yang", a gay character in the Chinese book of legends, Dream of Red Mansions.[1]

Founded in the days when socialising was quite difficult to organise and the number of bars and clubs was quite limited, LYC quickly established itself on the London scene. Social events were held, discos arranged, dinner nights and house parties enjoyed.

Club nights were held sometimes weekly or monthly and in its various incarnations LYC has used many well-known venues throughout London’s west end. In the 1990s, LYC’s weekly Sunday night karaoke and social night became well known and much loved. Its Bank Holiday parties were legendary.

In 1999, Long Yang Club London hosted the first "iCON" international LYC convention, which has since been held annually in different cities around the world.[2]

Recent changes

In recent years, with changing attitudes and more places to meet and socialise, attendances at LYC’s social evenings diminished until ultimately it was no longer possible to continue with them. In complete contrast, from small and humble beginnings, the sports clubs have developed and are flourishing brilliantly. The badminton club is now nearly 12 years old and the tennis club is has been going for almost as long. Originally set up for the benefit of members of LYC who just liked to play a social game, both groups now encourage players at all levels.

The badminton group has now established a credible and winning league team from its more senior members and its annual tournament is an established part of the badminton calendar in the UK for all comers.

Long Yang Club Manchester

The international Long Yang Club website lists a Manchester branch.[3] However the web page quoted has disappeared.[4]


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