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The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA) is an international organization bringing together more than 750 LGBTI groups from around the world. It continues to be active in campaigning for LGBT rights on the international human rights and civil rights scene and regularly petitions the United Nations and governments. ILGA is represented in 110+ countries across the world. ILGA is accredited by the United Nations and has been granted Ecosoc consultative status.

ILGA Directory

In February 2010 ILGA launched its new website, designed by osmosoft. This includes the ILGA Directory listing LGBT groups in various countries, not just groups that are members of ILGA.


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ILGA-Europe is the European region of ILGA, established as an independent legal identity in 1978.

UK members of ILGA

See List of ILGA members.

Come Out 2014 European Election Pledge

In 2014 ILGA invited candidates in the forthcoming European Elections to sign a pledge to support gay rights covering the following 10 points:[1]

  • Adopt an EU Roadmap on LGBTI equality
  • Enforce human rights within the EU
  • Complete the EU anti-discrimination law
  • Combat homophobic and transphobic violence
  • Promote an inclusive definition of family in EU policies
  • Take a lead in protecting trans rights
  • Take action against school bullying
  • Tackle discrimination and inequalities in health
  • Ensure effective protection for LGBTI asylum-seekers
  • Make the EU the world champion of equality for LGBTI people

The following UK candidates have signed the pledge:[2]

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