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Walthamstow Town Hall
Waltham Forest is a outer London Borough in East London. It was formed in 1965 from the former boroughs of Chingford, Leyton (including Leytonstone) and Walthamstow, all of which were previously in Essex. Its name reflects the fact that Epping Forest extends into the area. Part of the Olympic Park for the London 2012 Olympics extended into the borough.
Press release from Waltham Forest Lesbian and Gay Group 1990

LGBT History

The Walthamstow (or Waltham Forest) CHE group, also known as the East London CHE Group, was founded in 1972. There was a Waltham Forest Lesbian and Gay Group (WFLAGG) which was in existence in 1990.

Tim Bennett-Goodman is involved with voluntary organisations in Waltham Forest.

John Yates-Harold is deputy head of Jenny Hammond Primary School, Leytonstone.

In 2000 the first UK Gay Sports Festival was held in Waltham Forest.