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The Spartan Club was a gay club in a basement in Tachbrook Street, Victoria. It was frequented by gay celebrities such as Kenneth Williams. At one time it was run by Patric Walker, later to become the astrologer for the Evening Standard.[1] It closed in 1973 after 17 years [2].

Membership card of George Lucas 1966 (courtesy and copyright of Hugo Greenhalgh)

Vox Pop

[Vox Pop entries are personal recollections by individual contributors.]

I once had a boyfriend who worked as a barman at the Spartan. One evening the place had closed and I was waiting for my friend to finish tidying up and come home, when a cry was heard "Miss Williams is coming, Miss Williams is coming!" Kenneth Williams came in, accompanied by someone who looked like a bodyguard, and I talked with him briefly: he'd not long returned from a holiday in Morocco.[3]


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