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South Yorkshire Boroughs:
1 City of Sheffield 2 Rotherham 3 Doncaster 4 Barnsley
South Yorkshire is a metropolitan county in northern England. It roughly corresponds to the southern part of the former West Riding of Yorkshire. It was created, like other metropolitan counties, in 1974, and originally had an elected metropolitan authority, the South Yorkshire County Council. The County Council, like other metropolitan authorities and the Greater London Council, was abolished in 1986, and the indvidual boroughs became unitary authority areas.

Metropolitan Boroughs

LGBT history

In 2011 a study found that gay pupils in some schools in South Yorkshire were being told to change for PE in separate rooms.[1]

Gay Friends South Yorkshire (GFSY) is a social group primarily aimed at non-scene gay men Accessed: 2013-05-05. (Archived by WebCite® at