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Bridges across the River Tamar
Plymouth is a city in the south-west of England. It is a unitary authority within the ceremonial county of Devon. Devonport, which merged with Plymouth in 1914, has an important naval base and dockyard.

In 2024 a report by the Committee for Academic Freedom (CAF), a group of academics worried about the erosion of free speech on campus, found that under definitions of transphobia in nine university policies, academics who believe that transgender women are not women are considered transphobic. The nine universities identified included the University of Plymouth [1].

LGBT history

The composer Stanley Bate was born in Milehouse in 1911.

Plymouth had its own Plymouth CHE Group.

Gay News issue 104 (7-20 October 1976) had a feature on Plymouth which included the Lockyer Tavern, Plymouth CHE women's Group and the club Mr Harry's.

In 2012 the Plymouth City Museum hosted the "Pride in Our Past" exhibition; much of the collected material was then moved to the Plymouth LGBT Archive.[2]

There is a Torbay and Plymouth congregation of the Metropolitan Community Church.[3]

Pride in the Park was held for the first time in July 2012.[4]

Tom Daley lives in Plymouth. In 2021 the city granted him 'Freedom of the City' [5].


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