Phyllida Lloyd

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Phyllida Lloyd
Phyllida Lloyd (born 1957) is a theatre and film director.

She grew up in Bristol, studied at Birmingham University, and spent five years working in BBC Television drama. Since 1989 she has directed many stage plays and operas. In 1999 she directed the Abba musical Mamma Mia and in 2008 she directed the film version, which by the end of that year had become the biggest selling film ever at the UK box office.[1]

She was ranked number 7 in the Pink List 2009, 22 in the Pink List 2010, 59 in the Pink List 2011 and 74 in the Pink List 2012. The Pink List 2012 citation said:

"Lloyd directed one of 2011's most controversial films, The Iron Lady — a harrowing and powerful biopic of Margaret Thatcher. Previously, Lloyd had directed the UK's second highest-grossing film of all time, Mamma Mia!, as well as having an important career in the theatre."[2]


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