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Owen Jones (born 1984) is a left-wing columnist, author and commentator. Many of his critics say he is a misogynist [1].

Jones was born in Sheffield and grew up in Stockport, Greater Manchester.[2] He is the son of a local authority worker and an IT lecturer[3] and describes himself as a "fourth generation socialist"; He attended Bramhall High School and Ridge Danyers Sixth Form college (now Cheadle and Marple Sixth Form College)[4] before reading history at University College, Oxford, graduating with a BA in 2005 and a Master of Arts in US history in 2007.[5] Prior to his media career, Jones worked as a trade union lobbyist and as a parliamentary researcher for the Labour Party.[6][7]

Jones is gay[8] and lives in London.[9]

He was listed in the "Journalists" section of the Pink List 2012. The citation said:

"The Sheffield-born Oxford history graduate saw his book, Chavs: The Demonisation of the Working Class, top last year's political bestseller lists. Worked in politics before joining The Independent — and he's only 28."[10]

He has been consistent in his criticism of Keir Starmer as leader of the Labour Party [11].


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