One Love (Croydon)

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One Love logo
One Love was the branding chosen for Croydon's IDAHO event on 17 May 2014. It was an expanded version of the 2013 event, and featured stalls for eight churches and eight LGBT groups in North End, Croydon's main pedestrianised shopping street. The stalls were colour coded blue for churches and yellow /rainbow for LGBT groups. Above each pair of stalls was a banner, held up by helium balloons, with the name of a church on one side and an LGBT organisation on the other. Additional banners were hung on six posts around the area.[1] The design of the event and the displays was largely by Roger Burg.

The aim of the event was to dispel the idea that churches promote homophobia.[2]

The eight LGBT groups were:

Additionally Quest was included, but as one of the eight "churches" (representing LGBT Catholics), and the Friends of Dorothy Society rang a quarter peal at Croydon Minster.[4]

The event was endorsed by the Bishop of Croydon.[5]



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