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Nelson Asu (1972-1996) was a male model and dancer who was popular in gay clubs and pubs in Liverpool. On 21 November 1996 he was befriended by two older teenagers and returned to his flat in Toxteth with them. They threatened him with a knife, tied him up, choked him and gagged him and stuffed him in a trunk. They stole his belongings and left him to die a horrific death. In the summer of 1997 the attackers were convicted and sentenced to life.

Nelson was remembered by Liverpool's Museum Services in the Tales from the City exhibition, Stories, objects and memories from Liverpool’s LGBT+ community (2017-2019) [1].

In 1993 Nelson featured in some footage shot by Sandi Hughes which can be viewed on the Rewind Fast Forward website [2]


  2. Nelson talks of an occasion when he was arrested along with two other young gay men.