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London Bi Group (commonly LBG) was the first modern social / support group for bisexual people in the UK.

Its first meeting was on 1st September 1981.

For most of its life the group met at London Friend, near Kings Cross station, with three spaces running in parallel - a coffee / talk space, a workshop space with specific topics each week, and a 'personal group' which allowed discussion of more personal issues.

The group organised the first BiCon conference, entitled The Politics Of Bisexuality, in 1984, and also produced a newsletter Bi Monthly which became the main national news source for bi people, organisations and networks in the 1980s.

Though the group closed down around 2003, a 30th birthday party formed part of the agenda of the 2011 BiCon recognising the importance of LBG in setting separate bisexual organising in motion.[1]

The website remained unchanged from the 2003 AGM until 2008 when it was updated to read "The London Bisexual Group is currently inactive, sorry,"[2] but provided a link to Bisexual Underground. The group was still, as of 2015, listed as a member of ILGA.[3]

"The London Bisexual Group - which met for over 20 years every Friday at the London Friend in King's Cross - recently went on hiatus."[4]


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