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Lincolnshire is a county in eastern England.

From 1888 onwards the county was divided into three parts, each with its own county council: the Parts of Lindsey, the Parts of Holland, and the Parts of Kesteven. In 1974 the three county councils were abolished: the northern part of the county became part of the new county of Humberside. In 1996 Humberside was abolished; the part of Humberside south of the Humber was reconstituted as two unitary authorities, North Lincolnshire (including Scunthorpe) and North East Lincolnshire (including Grimsby) and these were allocated to Lincolnshire for ceremonial purposes. The remainder of the traditional county came under a new Lincolnshire County Council, with seven local government districts.

The County Council area comes under the East Midlands region for statistical purposes, the two unitary authorities being included in Yorkshire and the Humber.

Lincolnshire Police covers the county council area. North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire are covered by Humberside Police.

County and County Borough areas pre 1965

LGBT history

Just Lincolnshire at one time had information about local LGBT resources.[1]

There is a Lincolnshire Parents of LGBT children support group.


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