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Gymnos logo from 2002
Gymnos was a naturist group for men. Most but not necessarily all of its members were gay. It offered regular gay naturist parties in members' homes, and naturist swimming sessions at several public swimming pools around London.[1] The name is taken from the Greek word γυμνός meaning "naked".

At one time the group was known as Gymnos 88, reflecting the fact that it had been re-founded in 1988. In the late 1990s it claimed over 500 members, and around 50 were turning up for the weekly swimming sessions.[2]

Gymnos closed down on 31 March 2010: the public swimming pools that had previously been used were no longer available for various reasons, and there was a shortage of people to run the social side.

External links Official website (preserved as a record of what Gymnos was about).


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