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Greater Manchester Boroughs: 1 City of Manchester 2 Stockport 3 Tameside 4 Oldham 5 Rochdale 6 Bury 7 Bolton 8 Wigan 9 City of Salford 10 Trafford

Greater Manchester is a metropolitan county in north-west England. It was created, like other metropolitan counties, in 1974, and originally had an elected metropolitan authority, the Greater Manchester Council (GMC). The GMC, like other metropolitan authorities and the Greater London Council, was abolished in 1986, and the individual boroughs became effectively unitary authority areas. Some local government functions are co-ordinated by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (which replaced the Association of Greater Manchester Authorities in April 2011). An interim Mayor of Greater Manchester was appointed in May 2015, to be replaced by a directly elected Mayor following further legislation.[1]

Metropolitan Boroughs

LGBT history

James Anderton, Chief Constable of Greater Manchester from 1976 to 1991, became known for his anti-gay views and aggressive policing of the Canal Street area of Manchester.

His successor, David Wilmot, was very different in his approach and good relations were established with gay communities. GMP was one of the first police forces to encourage the reporting of hate crimes.
Greater Manchester Police 1996


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