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Gay Times cover for July 2017
Gay Times, also known as GT, formerly Gay Times (incorporating Gay News), is a glossy A4 monthly magazine published by Millivres Prowler Group and sold in mainstream newsagents, such as W H Smith.

Gay Times was founded in 1984 as a merger of Gay News and Him magazine. It claims to be "probably the original gay magazine in the world".

The editor was Darren Scott until he stepped down in October 2017,[1] being replaced by Josh Rivers who was dismissed the following month following the discovery of highly offensive tweets.[2] Gay Times apologised to its readers announcing that all articles written by Josh Rivers had been removed, and that the magazine would relaunch on 30 November.[3]

In November 2017, Gay Times promoted the Gay Times Honours.

As of 2011, GT's circulation was 68,143 and its readership 170,358. The audience was 98% male and 78% aged 18–44.[4]

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