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Queen's Square, Crawley
Crawley is a town in West Sussex. The borough includes Gatwick Airport.

LGBT history

There is a Crawley LGBT Group.[1]

There was a Crawley CHE Group in the 1970s. Gay News at the start of 1976 reported that police had warned gays in Crawley about the group! [2].

In 1986 the TV programme 'Facing South' discussed AIDS in the south of England. The programme included an interview with the mother of a young man called Kevin Cristy [3].

The Hindu temple in Ifield welcomes marriages by same-sex couples.


  2. Gay News issue 86 'Police warning to gay Crawley'
  3. Broadcast on TVS 31 January 1986. Cristy died 12 weeks before the programme was broadcast. His mother told the programme she could not even get a commode for her son