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Bev Jackson, born 1951, was the only woman to attend the first GLF meeting at the London School of Economics in 1970. At the time she was a Maths student. She was immediately voted onto the steering committee. Jackson took part in the first GLF demonstration at Highbury Fields later that year.

Together with Kate Harris, Jackson helped to establish the LGB Alliance. [1].

In April 2022 Jackson wrote on her twitter account: LGB Alliance is accused of “hate” whatever it does. That is because defending same-sex sexual orientation disrupts the narrative promulgated by gender identity enthusiasts, who have virtually taken over what was once the gay rights movement [2].

In July 2023, following the success of the LGBAlliance in defeating Mermaids attack on their charity status, Jackson and co founder Kate Harris, appeared in a number of media outlets with the message that at last the debate could be held [3].


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