Anton Hysén

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Anton Hysén
Anton Hysén, born in Liverpool, 1990, is a Swedish professional footballer. His father, Glenn Hysén, was playing for Liverpool Football Club at the time of Anton's birth, and now coaches for Anton's club, Utsiktens BK. Several other members of the family are or have been professional footballers.

Anton Hysén came out as gay to a Swedish football magazine in March 2011. The Daily Mail has described him as the "first high-profile Swedish footballer to announce that he is gay" and as only the second active professional football player to come out, after Justin Fashanu in 1990.[1] The BBC called him "a global one-off".[2]

Hysén says he has had no problems with homophobia since coming out.[3]

Anton Hysén was ranked number 101 in the Independent on Sunday’s Pink List 2011.


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