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The Wandsworth and Richmond CHE Group, was founded in September 1972, covering the London Boroughs of Wandsworth and Richmond.[1] It was renamed CHERP (CHE Richmond and Putney) in 1978; in 1983 (or in March 1980)[2] it merged with CHE Kingston to form KRAGS (Kingston and Richmond Area Gay Society.[3]

At its foundation, CHE Wandsworth and Richmond had only 8 members, but this had risen to over 100 by August 1973. It was one of the most successful of the various gay groups that sprang up in the 1970s, with a membership of 121 in 1974. It started life ata private address in Putlney and later met at a number of venues, includeing the White Lion pub in Putney, Richmond social services, and upstairs at the Imperial in 1973.[2]


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