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Tunbridge Wells CHE Group was a local group of the Campaign for Homosexual Equality, based in Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent. It was founded in 1972 by Ross Burgess who had moved to the area and wanted to get to know other gay people locally. It undertook campaigning activities and organised discos and other social events. At the time of its founding it was referred to in national CHE records as "West Kent CHE Group".[1]

The group came to prominence in 1974 when CHE applied to Tunbridge Wells Council to hold a concert by the noted pianist and CHE supporter Peter Katin in aid of CHE funds, and the Council refused to allow the use of the Assembly Rooms for the concert. In 1975 the late Jim Edgell, subsequently a member of the CHE National Executive, took over as convenor.

When CHE decided to separate itself from its local groups, the group was renamed TWIGG (Tunbridge Wells Independent Gay Group).


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