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From Wikipedia:

1553 – Mary Tudor ascends the English throne and removes all of the laws that had been passed by Henry VIII during the English Reformation of the 1530s

1558–1563 – Elizabeth I reinstates Henry VIII's old laws, including the Buggery Act 1533.[12]

1892 – The words "bisexual" and "heterosexual" are first used in their current senses in Charles Gilbert Chaddock's translation of Kraft-Ebing's Psychopathia Sexualis.

1897 – George Cecil Ives organizes the first homosexual rights group in England, the Order of Chaeronea.

1937 – The first use of the pink triangle for gay men in Nazi concentration camps.

1938 – The word Gay is used for the first time in reference to homosexuality.[66]

1941 – Transsexuality was first used in reference to homosexuality and bisexuality.

1957 – The word "Transsexual" is coined by U.S. physician Harry Benjamin;

1959 – ITV, at the time the UK's only national commercial broadcaster, broadcasts the first gay drama, South, starring Peter Wyngarde.[75]

1975; Gay Left

1978: ILGA

1981 Dudgeon v UK; 1982 NI; 1983 Guernsey

1990: Jersey

1992: Isle of Man (Sodomy 94)

1995 triple therapy; Gay Advice Darlington/Durham was founded by local gay and bisexual men, and has developed into a Charity that work with and for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Community of County Durham and Darlington.

1997: UK extends immigration rights to same-sex couples akin to marriage;

1999 Queer Youth Alliance

2000 Scotland; age of consent; the rest of the United Kingdom's territories[citation needed]

2003: Anti-discrimination legislation; Repeal of the concept of Buggery in law; Section 28 is repealed in England and Wales and Northern Ireland.

2004 UK Gender Recognition Bill

2005 civil partnerships; Same-sex couple adoption legalisation: UK Subdivisions of England and Wales

2006 Isle of Man x2

2007 Anti-discrimination legislation; Jersey

2009 Scotland

2011 Isle of Man

2013 Maureen le Marinel

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