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London Councils is an organisation bringing together the 32 London Boroughs and the City of London. It was formed in 1995 by a merger between the London Boroughs Association and the Association of London Authorities. It was originally called the Association of London Government. It promotes a number of pan-London schemes, such as the Freedom Pass providing free travel for senior citizens and disabled people.

LGBT work


The Association of London Government was the main funder for LAGER (Lesbian and Gay Employment Rights until 2004.

London Matters

London Councils' Service No 33 - Undertake policy work & campaign/lobby for the lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender community is intended to have the following outcomes:[1]

1: Increased participation and representation of LGBT voluntary and community organisations in the political, social and economic development of London.

2: Increased participation of the LGBT community in borough, sub-regional and pan- London voluntary and statutory bodies, ensuring that the current and future needs of the LGBT Community are taken into account when formulating policy and delivering services.

3: Increased access for LGBT Londoners to services through the promotion of good sexuality equality practice models.

4: The development and promotion of a London website for the LGBT community which will increase the ability for the community to access current services and provision, provide a portal for LGBT Londoners to contribute to the policy and voice agenda for London, and provide an information source for statutory and non-statutory organisations in London.

5: Actively promote equality for disadvantaged groups through the service delivery, marketing, evaluation and management of the proposed service.

The project, running from 2008 to 2012, included grants to the LGBT Consortium to produce the LGBT London website, and to Kairos in Soho to produce the London LGBT Almanac.

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