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CHE plastic bag with a list of London CHE groups and contact details, issued for London Pride 1979
A number of London CHE Groups were set up during the 1970s. by the Campaign for Homosexual Equality. Originally the idea was that each group should be no more than a certain size,and new groups were formed as new members joined CHE in London, without regard to geographical area. Later many of these groups renamed themeselves after an area, starting with Croydon CHE Group (London Group 7).

Some of these groups were listed in Out of the Shadows page 223 as existing in October 1976.

Numbered London Groups

The first CHE groups in London were set up between 1970 and 1972, and were not originally tied to geographical areas.

From 1973 onwards all the numbered groups were renamed or merged: Groups 1 to 3 amalgamated to form the London West End CHE Group, Group 4 was renamed the Bloomsbury CHE Group, Group 5 became the London CHE Youth Group, also known as the London Student Group or Young London, Group 6 became the Marylebone and Paddington CHE Group, Group 7 became the Croydon CHE Group, Group 8 became the Piccadilly CHE Group, Group 9 merged with Group 10 which became the London Monday Group, and Groups 11 to 13 amalgamated to form the Central London CHE Group.

Other groups with "London" in the title

Other groups within Greater London

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