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Kathleen Stock. Wikemedia Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0)
Kathleen Stock OBE is a British philosopher and writer. She was a professor of philosophy at the University of Sussex until 2021. She has published academic work on aesthetics, fiction, imagination, sexual objectification, and sexual orientation.

Stock is acknowledged as a prominent "gender-critical" feminist. She has opposed transgender self-identification in regards to proposed reforms to the 2004 UK Gender Recognition Act. She has said that many trans women are "still males with male genitalia, many are sexually attracted to females, and they should not be in places where females undress or sleep in a completely unrestricted way."[1]. She has denied opposing trans rights, saying, "I gladly and vocally assert the rights of trans people to live their lives free from fear, violence, harassment or any discrimination" and "I think that discussing female rights is compatible with defending these trans rights" [2]. Her 2021 book, Material Girls: Why Reality Matters for Feminism, offers a critical discussion of gender identity theory [3]. In May 2021, Stock was appointed as a trustee of the LGBAlliance.

Book published in 2021

Following personal attacks on her and threats of violence, Stock resigned her post at the University of Sussex. After her resignation she gave a radio interview on Woman's Hour, BBC Radio 4, on 3 November 2021. She denied that she is transphobic and explained that her resignation followed attacks on her by colleagues who are opposed to her views and who foster an "extreme" response from their students: "instead of getting involved in arguing with me using reason, evidence - the traditional university methods - they tell their students in lectures that I pose a harm to trans students."

Stock is a lesbian.


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