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This article is about the former group in London. For the current group in Manchester, see Icebreakers Manchester.

Icebreakers was a support group for gay men and lesbians. It was founded in 1973, and ran until about 1984 from premises in Brixton [1].Micky Burbidge was an active member of Icebreakers. Icebreakers ran a disco at the Prince Albert and then from summer 1979 at the Hemingford Arms in London every Friday evening [2]. Antony Grey (1992) states that Icebreakers was 'an offshoot of the GLF (Gay Liberation Front) anti-psychiatry group[3].

Hemingford Arms 2018
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  2. Capital Gay 17 July 1981 listings. Admission was 30p. The disco was held upstairs at the pub. A 12 minute audio recording done at the Hemingford Arms at an Icebreakers disco in 1982 is held at the British Library (Catalogue C586/319)
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