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Ian Buist at the CHE AGM 2011
Ian Buist (actually John Latto Farquharson Buist, 1930–2012) was a gay rights campaigner and former diplomat. After achieving a first in classics at New College, Oxford he joined the diplomatic service and worked in senior positions in Kenya and East Africa.

Buist joined CHE in 1972, rejecting GLF because 'The “GLF” idea of an anti-family, anti-Establishment social revolution seemed to me unlikely to produce change for the better.'[1]

The LGCM conference in 2006 paid a special tribute to Ian Buist for his work on the civil partnership legislation.[2]

He continued to contribute to the ongoing campaign for gay rights, up to his death in October 2012.

There was a dinner in his honour at the National Liberal Club, 30 March 2016.

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