Father Redcap

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Father Redcap

The Father Redcap public house in Camberwell, south London, was the venue in the 1970s for gay discos. The disc jockey was Richard Scanes aka Trickey Dicky. In June 1973 the Metropolitan Police visited the gay discos on four separate evenings. As a result of their observations and enquiries they questioned and charged the landlord and manager of the pub with unlicensing dancing, and permitting and abetting a disorderly house. The disorderly behaviour reported by the police was homosexuals kissing, cuddling and dancing together. Scanes was also prosecuted with aiding and abetting. A fourth man was acquitted but the landlord, the manager and Scanes were all found guilty at Lambeth |Magistrates Court on 20 Dec 1974 [1].


  1. Gay News issue 62 Jan 1975. Scanes was given a Conditional Discharge for 12 months; the landlord and the manager were each fined £100 and ordered to pay £40 costs.