East London CHE Group

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There were two CHE groups in East London at different times that were referred to as the East London CHE Group.

The first, sometimes referred to as the Walthamstow or Waltham Forest CHE Group,was set up in the autumn of 1970 by Mike Winter, who was referred to as the 'non-stop disco king of the East End.[1] Winter decided not to co-operate with London CHE and had other differences with CHE headquarters, and the group had ceased to exist by October 1971.[2]

The second East London group, also known as the Ilford CHE Group, was set up in April 1972 by George Jordan, who was a member of London Group 1 but felt it was too middle class for the people he knew in Ilford. The new group met at venues in Wanstead, Leytonstone and Stratford.[3]


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