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Centred logo
Centred is a community organisation run by diverse LGBTQ people.

Centred started as Kairos in Soho, a charity (registered 1997) based in Soho, central London. The name reflects the ancient Greek word kairos (καιρός) meaning the right moment or the appointed time.

Kairos in Soho
Logo for Kairos in Soho
Kairos had an office and activity space in Archer Street, Soho. Its mission statement said:
"Kairos in Soho promotes the mental, physical, spiritual and social well-being of lesbians, gay men and our friends, through offering a range of services which seek to enhance the quality of relationship with self and others, by harnessing the resources made available by volunteers, Friends, and community partnerships, and in so doing offers a model of well-being and integrity in the heart of Soho."[1]


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